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Power Star is based in Orange County, California. Originally, we server Orange, LA, San Diego and Riverside counties, but have expanded to serving the entire US. We offer the "complete package" - everything from designing your system and getting you financed to supplying the equipment and having it installed by local professionals. We take energy efficiency seriously, and we're committed to helping our customers not only generate clean, "green" energy, but also to make their homes and businesses as efficient as possible.

We will work with you for the entire job, from start to finish, ensuring that all of your needs are met. The Power Star team of certified professionals comprises the industry's best site technicians, installers, designers and engineers, each of whom is dedicated to powering the world through solar technology.

We believe that a solar energy system should save you money, and we price our products accordingly. We continually monitor the industry standard price levels and consistently offering compelling pricing on comparable products and services.

When you choose Power Star, you're getting more than just solar panels. We want you as a long term customer, and we'll prove it with a comprehensive set of services, a performance guarantee and around-the-clock system monitoring included with the Power Star lease and other PPA and finance products. You will enjoy peace of mind with Power Star, knowing that you have chosen a partner that can help you solve your energy needs with cost-efficient, eco-friendly solutions.

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