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Thinking about getting solar? Like the idea of solar but not sure if it's right for your home? Let us show you why solar could be the perfect choice for you.

With energy costs constantly on the rise, many home owners, property owners and renters alike are realizing that solar power means a greener planet... and a greener bank account!

Today's solar panels are sleek and aesthetically beautiful. And now they're affordable for a typical home.

You don't have to put off installing solar power at your home.


Don't get stuck waiting 6 months or more for the installation of your financed solar power system.

Choose PowerStar and have your system installed right away!

  How Solar Works

Financial Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Lower electric bills are just one of the many financial reasons to switch to solar. Click the button to find out more!

Take part in our country's energy revolution - reduce our dependency upon fossil fuels and lessen noxious chemical emissions from power plants.

Capture the sun's clean, renewable energy to power your home, electric carport, pool pump and more! Let us show you how it all works.

Power Star Delivers Quality Products and Services

Our goal is to make solar simple and we do that by offering a comprehensive service package that covers every step involved in making the switch. From initial on-site inspection to comprehensive administrative services and ongoing system monitoring, we take pride in managing each and every detail. 

Power Star Provides System Performance Monitoring

Power Star's involvement doesn't end when the solar power system is installed. We are committed to your business and your system for the long term. Power Star Tracker (PST) tracks the performance of your system 24/7 every day of the year. With our  monitoring service, if your energy production should ever dip below expected levels, the PST will alert us to the problem and we will assess the situation, advise you on the possible solutions and remedy the problem.

With Power Star, you'll be getting the highest quality equipment and materials, and the most proven technology - ensuring that your system will produce for many years to come.

Power Star's Team is Knowledgeable and Professional

‚ÄčWith so many companies offering solar power systems and installations these days, it's hard to know which one to choose. The Power Star team of certified professionals comprises the industry's best site technicians, installers, designers and engineers, each of whom is dedicated to powering the world through solar technology. Our experts have decades of experience in the construction, electricity, solar energy, manufacturing and product development fields. They have the knowledge and skills required to develop and install our top quality systems for you. We continually monitor the latest technologies in solar power and government incentive programs so that we can offer the most complete and up-to-date solutions to meet your specific needs.

Power Star Makes Solar Affordable
We believe that a solar energy system should save you money, and we price our products accordingly. We continually monitor the industry standard price levels and consistently offering compelling pricing on comparable products and services. Find out more see our Power Star lease for details.

Power Star Offers a Performance Guarantee
High quality starts with proper design. Power Star uses sophisticated software tools to design our custom solar power systems. In addition we have the most direct comprehensive warranties on components such as solar panels and inverters. Power Star offers a performance guarantee for the duration of your Power Star lease.  We guarantee your system will perform as promised. If there's any problem, we'll correct the performance issue or pay you the difference!

Environmental and Community Commitment
Power Star is committed to energizing our world with clean, "green," affordable energy. Power Star also has programs to make solar power available for non-profit entities and low-income properties which can take advantage of SPECIAL FINANCING, SUBSIDIZING and GRANTS.

Power Star is Your One-Stop Shop for Energy Efficiency
We're with you on each step of the way. From energy audits, fixture retrofitting and upgrading, solar system design and permits - to installation and monitoring, Power Star and affiliates will manage every aspect of your project.

When you choose Power Star, you're getting more than just solar panels. We want you as a long term customer, and we'll prove it with a comprehensive set of services, a performance guarantee and around-the-clock system monitoring included with the Power Star lease and other PPA and finance products. You will enjoy peace of mind with Power Star, knowing that you have chosen a partner that can help you solve your energy needs with cost-efficient, eco-friendly solutions.

So, why should you choose Power Star?