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Retrofit your home for maximum energy efficiency

Saving energy at home is one of the most important things you can do for the environment. Since half the electricity in the U.S. is from coal-fired power plants and most heating fuel is oil and natural gas, saving energy means stopping the burning of fossil fuels. It's no surprise then that about one-third of U.S. carbon emissions originates in our homes.

Power Star consistently delivers successful home energy retrofit programs—modifying existing homes to use energy more efficiently. We specialize in designing and implementing mid- to large-scale home performance programs that cost-effectively promote multiple energy efficiency measures per home.Our home energy retrofit programs lower your energy consumption using the whole-house approach - addressing a home’s thermal envelope, heating and air, water, mechanical systems, appliances, lighting, and occupant behavior.

For many homeowners, energy efficiency retrofits will pay for themselves in just a few years, as lower energy bills offset the cost of upgrades. This is particularly the case with upgrading lighting, sealing ducts and the building envelope, installing more insulation and improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Some older homes can save 10%-30% on energy bills.